For those who follow my blog you have probably guessed by now that I have a love/hate relationship with technology. On the one hand I love how I have everything at hand and can capture moments with ease. On the other, I hate how all encompassing it can be. How it has the ability to suck you in like a vacuum, removing you from your very presence and then spits you out a while later confused as to why you even picked up your phone in the first place. So when it comes to my children and technology, I like to think I embrace it but we do have rules. Very strict rules. One of them being, car time is our time.


Like most, we are a busy family and we rarely get time for just the four of us to sit and chat. Car journeys are great for that. You can have a good catch up and I find the kids come out with all sorts of things they have been up to when they being transported for A to B. Sure,  you can’t see when they roll their eyes in your direction but nevertheless, we are talking and interacting and that is what is important. Car journeys with children can be hard work and super stressful though. I have been guilty before of just bunging something on an iPad for the kids and then setting off thinking ‘ah, that’ll keep them amused for a while,’ but it didn’t sit well with me and so we changed.


So when all the catching up has been caught up on. What then? My youngest loves to play ‘Guess the animal,’ you know where you think of an animal and the other person has to guess it and you are only allowed to answer yes or no. After literally playing this game to death, we hit on a little trick that has changed our car journeys for the better. Let me direct your attention to (jazz hands) the humble whiteboard and a pack of whiteboard pens of many colours. We got ours here,


Our kids love these and the do not seem to grow out of them. Below is a list of the games and uses they have come up with, completely independently of us:

Drawing people in or family and guessing who has been drawn

Writing a letter to someone who just pops into their head

Making a tally chart of waves they receive from other people  (heads up, a nod counts)!

Designing a house for someone they admire

Drawing our Campervan

Squiggles –  a game where the pen has to stay on the board and the bumps in the road make the squiggles

Writing lists of things they will do when they get to the place we are going to (and then checking this off afterwards)

Playing ‘Guess my word’

Drawing each other in a certain given time and trying not to laugh when they see each others

Writing secret messages to each other


We keep them in the car and have the pens in a flat pencil case so it doesn’t roll of the seats. If we are out for a meal, we often take them into the restaurant to keep us all amused until the food comes. Trust me, it has changed our journeys for the better. They don’t take up much room, or leave the car in a tip. Whiteboards are the way people!

If you try this and your kids make up some new games, please let me know so we can add them to our repertoire.

Thanks for Reading,

Bec. x