Since qualifying as an NLP coach, I have been astounded by how many of us are internally unkind to ourselves. Why is it we can say, and believe things about ourselves that we wouldn’t dream of projecting onto a friend? How come we are happy to get the rough deal of brutal remarks? Holding onto a limiting belief can have a huge impact on those around us and our life choices. It can render us fearful and anxious about any change.


For some an internal dialogue may be simply be “I am not good enough’. I say simply, but actually, to believe that about ourselves can stop us from feeling worthy of love, friendship, trust and respect. Imagine that, or maybe you don’t need to. For many, this is a common limiting belief. It is as impactful as ‘I don’t know who I am’, or ‘it’s too late to change’, or ‘I will never meet anyone’, these, amongst others can literally stop you in your tracks.


The power that a limiting belief has is colossal. Limiting beliefs are sneaky little blighters, because without us even realising we consolidate that belief daily. Each time we find ourselves in a new situation we drag out that old faithful limiting belief. We give ourselves the perfect excuse to not take on the unfamiliar. In allowing the limiting belief to win again, it gains momentum and power and SCORE! It has stopped you in your tracks. Yet again.


So imagine if we could take that infuriating belief, do some work with it and turn it into an empowering belief. Imagine going from ‘I am not good enough’, to ‘I am good enough’. Think about that for a moment… a new situation presents itself and BOOM, you meet it head on. Each time you do, the empowering belief has won, and in winning, it gains momentum. Good over evil so to speak. It may sound ludicrous that something so simple can have such a drastic impact on your life, but I have seen it many times. Believe me, it can, and it does. Here is a testimonial of a client that worked on a belief change with me. It says it all.


As the weeks followed I noticed myself being bolder, confident and making decisions for my good and progress, that I would normally have hesitated around or not done at all. I’ve noticed my family are more receptive to me because I feel so at ease and in tune with myself. I’ve noticed a change in how I communicate with people, I’m a lot more relaxed and it feels easier. The motivation I feel for things I want to achieve used to carry an overcast of doubt, but I don’t feel that anymore. Anything I feel I’m uncertain about I explore with curiosity and firm belief I can achieve it, that’s a completely new feeling for me. 



I worked with this client for one session only and as you can see, the changes were phenomenal for her. The testimony speaks for itself. It works people! You may want to read the whole experience my client had here


We need not let these detrimental thoughts control our decisions and in turn, our life. We all have the power to change. The starting point is making the decision to break free and giving yourself permission to change. The rest is easy.


Do you have a limiting belief? How does it impact your life? Would you like to take it by the balls, turn it on its head and feel empowered? Thank you for reading.


Bec. x