This time next week I turn forty.


Yes, the big 40!!


How the hell did that happen? I have been observing my school friends on Facebook taking their turn in celebrating their 40th’s and now all of a sudden, I am next. It is my turn!! It seems like only yesterday I was in my twenties all young, free and mingly and then BOOM, out of what appears to be nowhere, I have myself a husband, two kids, a family home, a job and a dog. I am not complaining exactly, this is all I ever wanted after all. The time has just flown by far too quickly. There! That is my complaint.


People say that time flies when you have kids but Jeez! I look at videos of our children when they are small and hardly recognise their funny little ways and chubby cheeks. For the record, time doesn’t fly. For me, time is a parachute in extremely high winds. It unknowingly drags you along at high speed whilst you go about your daily routines and every now and again, when the wind dies down, time plonks you down with a big fat smirk, arms folded and says ‘go on, have a look where you are then…’. Before you know it the wind has picked up and you are off again, being dragged from milestone to milestone. I still feel in my early 20s Goddamit. How can 40 be around the corner? Stupid bloody parachute!


It is not that turning 40 is getting me down, I just hate goodbyes and my 30s have been the making of me. I am happy in all areas of life thanks to my 30s. I suppose I just don’t want to bid farewell just yet.


As my birthday has been creeping up on me, people have asked how I feel about turning 40. So in my last week of being in my thirties (even writing that makes me feel all soppy and sentimental), I will share my feelings with you.


I am a little excited!


I am. I truly am. I feel in a good place to hit 40. I plan to hit it young. I plan to wring it dry. I shall embrace joining the Facebook forties club of schoolmates that have hit this milestone before me. I also plan to look after myself more, (once the celebrations end). I am not that giddy!  I am booked to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks in June and I want to thrash that!


So yes, I am feeling ready… until¬†perhaps that point when someone asks my age in a few weeks time or I have to scroll down an online form for too long to find my birth year. Maybe then it will hit me. For now though, I am looking forward to the celebrations and welcoming my new decade in with open arms.


40 is going to be fabulous!


Thanks for reading,


Bec, (39).