After training in NLP I now understand the full power behind our unconscious mind. I am putting mine to the test. Today I’m 34 weeks pregnant and feeling as positive as ever that I can achieve the birth I dream of. This is despite my other birth plans going from a water birth to medical interventions. Now I know that babies come when they like, my second is living proof of that at 17 days late! Knowing that this is my last chance I want to know that I have done all I can to succeed. I have the bit between my teeth.


Quick update

With my eldest, my waters broke but labour didn’t follow in the time allocated and so I was put on the dreaded drip. I found the drip to be a vicious beast and surely enough, an epidural followed.


With my second I had practiced hypnobirth and was determined to get the natural birth I longed for. I made it to two weeks overdue which fell on a weekend. I asked for monitoring over the weekend in an attempt to put off induction until the Monday morning. We tried everything to get labour started (yes, everything… at least twice), but start it did not.


Monday morning came and I was given the pessary, then another and although contractions started I couldn’t get into establish labour. I pleaded for a few more hours to allow my natural contractions to get me to the magic number of 4 cms dilated. The time given made no difference. I hit a low point when it became clear that yet again, I would need to be medically intervened with. It was back on the drip of torture, and this time it was worse. I had had a taste of natural labour and was in control. All of a sudden I went from calm and serene to full blown contractions that felt so synthetic. Goodbye water both. Hello epidural. Again.


It is not all bad. That all said, I did have positive births. I have never felt so alive and invigorated. Using my visualisations to a point but it was clear early on that our midwife didn’t support hypnobirth and was constantly invading my inner world. I managed to fight the disappointment and get back on track with feeling in control, but I couldn’t help but feel frustrated that I hadn’t done it. My body had failed me. I had failed.

My new mindset


So this being my final pregnancy, I am more determined than ever to get the birth I know I am capable of. I am telling myself daily that my body can, and will go into labour naturally. I have taken the most confidence boosting hypnobirthing course online (more about this later). Just having someone believe in you and tell you that you can makes such a huge difference to your mindset. I gained some amazing tips given from my inspiring teacher Sophie Fox, For example, I didn’t know that six dates a day can release oxytocin, and inhaling clary sage oil can also help bring on labour.


So this is my plan, I shall have a positive mindset and continue to tell myself (and anyone that will listen) that I can, and will do this myself. I shall try the methods Sophie suggested and be curious around them. I will ramp up my hypnobirthing practice to a daily time to visualise my birth. And I shall work with my unconscious mind to hopefully achieve the birth I know I can.


Do you have any tips that I you think would help? Did anything your try work for you?


Thank you for reading, and for any tips you might have,