My good friend Anna from has tagged me to reveal my selection of ‘What the hell did I take that for…’ pics from my phone. She says you can tell a lot from a person by looking at what they choose to capture, beyond the obvious family pictures. So here goes…..



A bowl of crispy bacon. It was more delicious than it looks. Trust me. It was photo worthy.


A  kitchen item that can’t decide if it is a jug or a bowl, teaming up with a sieve in the midst of de scumming salted caramel vodka. Hmm, probably not worthy of a picture.



I think you can tell why this was picture worthy. Let’s look at the evidence. 3 shot glasses and a now, empty jug/bowl whatdoyoumacallit. Not a drop of salted caramel vodka to be seen.

A cunning picture of a new jigsaw that I fear may defeat us at some point in the future. If it does, then HA! I shall scroll through my pictures for a ridiculous amount of time in an attempt to find said picture, and we shall be victorious in getting all the sodding pieces back in the exact same place. You can’t trick a trickster!


A werewolf boy in Tesco.



A little nap whilst your friend blatantly takes advantage of my post wine state! Anna! Look at the delight on her mischievous face!



A lonesome glass of wine. My friends and I like to take a picture of our first drink of wine on a Friday. It kind of feels like we are drinking together that way. Look it makes sense to us! It just means that I have a lot of pictures of wine glasses on a Friday night. This one is especially beautiful in comparison.



This one, not so much! I think I had an arty moment in directing this one. An arty moment that clearly didn’t pay off!



An eclectic selection of plates and platters.



A sturdy symmetrical family house in front of a Christmas tree. Does anyone else children ask them to take pictures of their creations to show to your significant other? If I actually sat him down to show him all of these masterpieces, he would be there all night.



A sad (and very bad) dog.



Me, holding the moon. Except I am not. I am giving the illusion that I am holding the moon. Except I am not.



My husband at the ready to catch both my friend and son from the bush or extraordinary heights.



A little evening snack made by Mr C. He prides himself on his little evening snacklets.



A picture of a party we had in summer. It was such a warm night that we were all dancing in the garden and I wanted to capture it. Except I didn’t. Not a face to be seen. Just a very annoyingly bright security light, and lots of shadowy friends.



And finally, Wonder Woman. I think I will keep her.

So, looking back it may be true that you can tell a lot from your ‘about to delete’ pictures. So, what would it tell people about you?? Care to share??

Thanks for sharing in my delete bin pics.

Bec. xx

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