I bloody love surprises. Not so much for me, but I thrive off of organising them for the ones I love. A surprise for a friend can only make the friendship stronger right? I have played the role of secret squirrel several times. I am currently sat in a hotel room having travelled for five hours yesterday back to my home town in West Yorkshire. The reason I am here is that my father has not had the greatest of health in the last few years and it has been a wish of his to come back to all the old places that makes his heart swell.


And so here we are, my dad, my sister and I in Yorkshire. The place where I grew up, and lived for almost two decades. It holds a very special place in my heart, but not just because of the scenery and familiar place that holds so, so many memories. It is special to me because of the people here too. I have lots of lovely friends here but there is one person that haven’t seen for years. My lovely friend Katherine.


We all have a friend where you can just carry on where you left off. Katherine is mine. She and I became very close in the sixth form and once we went to university we wrote to each other weekly. Not just little letters but reams and reams of early adult angst. It was like a double soap opera, with a weekly update, from both of us. When we moved back home after uni we used to meet weekly and have a face to face episodes over ‘how much can you eat’ pizza…this lasted hours. Same table, same pizza, same time, different shizzle.


We both have the ability to put ourselves into each other shoes and really feel the situation for the other. We often divert to devils advocate, you know, just to check a situation from all angles. Brutally honest at times, but someone once told me that a good friend will not always say what you want to hear. A friendship that has lasted the test of time. A soul friend if you will.


When I moved to London to follow my yearning to work in TV, things changed. We emailed, and then those dwindled, but if anything major happened in our lives we were there for one another. Our paths have often run parallel; we are both Aries and so put it down to that. In the last almost 20 years, we have only seen each other on our wedding days, at my 30th and once when Kat came down to Kent.


And so here I am, moments away from surprising her. The plan took some organising. I called her husband, who found out her plans for today. He put me in touch with her friend who she is meeting. So, scheming away, her friend is about to collect me, take me to the pub where she is meeting her and where I will scurry away and then once she has ordered her ginger beer (knowing Kat), I shall just come and tap her on the shoulder. I can’t bloody wait!!


I will keep you posted!


Thanks for reading, Bec. x