I can feel it, Spring is so nearly here. I do love a change of season and all the excitement that brings. I even got everyone outside for a gardening day today and we had a good blitz! So it got me thinking about the Sunshine Blogger Quiz that I have been tagged in on. I was nominated by the lovely Nadine at http://thenibecamemum.com/lifestyle/sunshine-blogger-quiz/ , please take a moment to look at her amazing blog. She is also a teacher and her blog details lots of useful tips for parents.

So, here are the questions she gave me to answer…


What is the meaning behind your blog name?


I am pleased that you have asked me this as I get asked this a lot. I wanted a name that encapsulated my feelings with beginning blogging after a very long time of thinking about it. Kismet, meaning fate, destiny, karma… all words that resonated with the start for this journey. I changed the s for a Z s I think it is edgier somehow. Are Z’s even edgier?? And Cava? Well, I adore alliteration (see what i did there) and I am rather partial to bubbles. What’s not to love?



Why did you start blogging?


A very good friend of mine started blogging and I was intrigued by it. We would often be found in a corner at the end of a boozy night chatting about her journey with blogging. Anna at http://zeitmygeist.co.uk has been saying for years that I should start blogging and I came around to the idea. It is my escapism most of the time, sometimes I feel lost in it but for the majority of time, it is my go to place when I need some time out for me. I find myself driving around with ideas whizzing around my head, whereas I used to drive around and just go through my shopping list. This is much more interesting.



What’s your happiest memory?


I could say the obvious, my wedding day, the birth of my children… but in everyday life my happiest memory is when we went camping to Cornwall in our VW campervan for the first time. She has a little personality all of her own and people can’t help but smile when they see her tootling their way. After a short while on our journey we realised that we were getting lots of waves and so we began a tally chart. We counted 74 waves, including a policeman and a dog!


How do you motivate yourself?


I love lists… lists and a highlighter. I even write things I have just done on my list so that I can highlight those off too. There is nothing more satisfying. Almost.


What do you like to do on a rainy day?


I like to get all kitted up, preferably with my family and go for a walk with the dog in the countryside. This is the prelude to the very best bit which is when we get home. We pile up all the muddy stuff in the utility room which I bung in the washing machine and we then get into our comfy cosies and either watch a film together or play a board game. We light the fire, pour a glass of wine and snuggle down together, with the washing machine the only thing that is working hard. I sometimes even open the window so that we can hear the rain lashing outside. It is hygge heaven. If you love getting hygge too, you should read my post on it.  http://www.kizmetcava.uk/what-is-hygge/ For me, it centres me like nothing else.



What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


Honeycomb with honeycomb pieces in. Hands down.


If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go?


I would want to go to Japan to the Geisha district in blossom season. I am fascinated with the culture there and although America etc would be cool, there is something about immersing yourself in a completely different culture and returning home feeling nourished and feeling that you have grown a little.



What’s your goal for the next year?


To finally decided if we are having baby number three or not. This dilemma has been rattling around my mind for years now and I am 40 next month so this year is decision time!



What was the last thing you ate?


I last ate a packet of Prawn cocktails crisps, well not a whole one. I had to share with my children who suddenly became my shadow the minute I opened them!



What is your ultimate pet peeve?


Parents shouting and hollering at their children in the supermarket. I can’t stand it. I am well aware how stressful shopping can be with a tired baby or toddler but shouting in their faces hardly helps the situation. All it takes is a bit of forethought and planning to make it an entirely different situation for all concerned.  I have been very close several times to going to have a strong word with adults who are behaving like children.


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The blogs I am nominating to take part are

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And finally Louise at https://weeohana.wordpress.com


Here are my ten questions for you lovelies.


When do you feel most yourself?

What do you do to switch off? I mean, really switch off?

What makes your blood boil?

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Its Wednesday night… water or wine?

Where, if anywhere, would you want to revisit?

What is the creepiest thing you have ever seen?

What is you favourite board game?

Do you have a party trick?

What do you wish you could do, but can’t?

Lets spread the sunshine far and wide!

Thanks for reading, Bec. x