So as promised, my first “Thrifty Thursday’ post is about a super pair of ankle boots. They are not only versatile but also blooming comfortable and stylish, to boot. See what I did there? They look great with skinny jeans, plain T-shirt, and a leather jacket. I love the zip detail, because it makes me feel like a little biker chick.

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They are from H&M and On the website they are at a great price of £24.99. However, it wouldn’t be Thrifty Thursday if I didn’t let you into a little secret, (hand cupped and whispering)…I got them in store last week with a whopping 50% discount. I know right?? So I came away with a fab pair of boots for £12.49, and a rather big smile on my face.



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Here they are with my skinnies, but they are so versatile you could wear the with leggings and a little spring tunic, or a skirt and some jazzy tights of you are feeling really brave. Biker leather jacket is essential for all outfits I would say.


So that is my Thrifty Thursday findings this week. I hope you like them too. Next week, I am letting you into a little secret for staying healthy for less.

Thanks for reading,

Bec. x