We all love a good shop don’t we? Do you find like me that once you have children, every penny goes on them? If we do spend money on ourselves, we can feel good for a short while and then boom! The guilt sets in, the ‘do I really need it… ‘ and the  ‘With that money I could have bought…..’ We fill the blank with any item from the ever growing list of our children’s wants, needs and fads.


Fear not, for I may have the answer!


Why can’t we treat ourselves once in a while, guilt free? I like to think that I wear my bargain hunting eyes with pride. I have therefore decided to dedicate my Thursdays to hunting out a bargain and bringing them to you via my ‘Thrifty Thursday’ posts. Catchy isn’t it? All those little items that can make us feel a little pampered and special, only without the guilt.


So, starting tomorrow I have a great pair of boots I have percured and you will not believe the price I paid. They will definitely tempt you into playing the ‘guess how much these were’ game. Just don’t play it with anyone that starts way too low, that is never fun.