Isn’t life busy? I find it hard to have any time just for me, and I know that is the same for so many of my friends. You may find, like me that any pocket of spare time is so easliy allocated to work, kids, partners and parents. It is important though to find the time for you. You are important. We all deserve some down time. Following my earlier post on hygge, I hope that you have been finding little hygge moments and if not, I hope at least that you have been thinking of ways to snatch some hygge time in the very near future.


I mentioned that I had bought  ‘The Little Book of Hygge‘ by Meik Wiking, (my new imaginary friend). Since then I have had several people inform me that they too have the book and they love it just as much as me. Yay! I am now part of a hygge posse, or ‘hygge huddle’. Yes, I think I prefer that.

Hugge, book, comfort, relax, calming, contentment


I thought I would explain the perfect recipe for the best hygge experience that there ever could be and add some little helpful hints for each ‘ingredient’.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin…


To get truly hygge you need to get ever element right. So soft lighting, low lamps, and as many candles as you deem safe. The ‘Little book of Hygge‘ states that the Danes prefer unscented candles. Scented candles all the way with me, the more my house can small of a meadow in mid-winter with cracked black pepper and lime the better. The television has to be off and it is preferable to have no screaming children in a demanding mood (the hardest to conquer)! Especially with the tv off.


Be present

If you are going to hygge, then embrace that moment fully. That means immersing yourself in the here and now. Shocker alert…. No. Mobiles. Allowed. Not even if you are waiting for an important email/text/call. Not even to have it lying on the side face up, not even face down come to think of it. That all important ‘you have outside intelligence coming in’ glow from the mobile will infiltrate your space and ruin if for everyone. Imagine being known to be known as the hygge heister! If it is that important then trust me, this is not the moment to hygge. Stay. At. Home.


Good grub

You have my permission to surround yourself with comfort food. Well, within reach. Not literally ‘surround yourself’ in a circle of all things good, that would just be messy and very stressy. Cheese and crackers, and Miso soup for me please. A sharing platter would be ideal and more interactive. But the Miso, that’s mine! Or the wine of it is one of those hygge sessions.


Share the air time

If you have a hygge posse, ahem, like me, then make sure that everyone gets to have their fair share of the discussions. If you know you are a chatterbox Charlie then hold your horses and pipe the hell down. Let the others have a turn. You might even learn something!


Take it in

You get that advice on your wedding day don’t you? I can actually recall doing that and I am so pleased we took that time. Do the same. You never know when you may need to call on these moments to give yourself a little boost. Or to give you a kick up the bottom to arrange the next hygge get together.


Get ‘comfy cosy’

This means pyjamas (to me), but to you it can just mean your joggies, slacks, relaxes, whatever you call them  – we all have them and I bet you too have a cutesy name for them too. Don’t lie! It means pulling the cosiest blimmin’ socks you can find, relaxing on the plumpest cushions and snuggliest blankets. it means lighting the fire and the candles. Ahhh, just writing this makes me have that amazing hygge feeling.

Build on foundations

Now girls are very good at this but men I think find it harder and I am not sure why that is. It is recounting all those memorable times you have spent together as a group. Funny stories, days of adventure and escapades, and to plan some more too.


This should just fall into place. It simply means that wherever you gather, you ensure that everyone there feels completely at ease in their surroundings. The last thing you need is someone asking if it is ok to ‘borrow your toilet’. Whoever ‘borrows’ a toilet anyway? It doesn’t move! I love having a ‘help yourself’ policy at my house. Partly because it makes friends feel more relaxed I think and partly because I am lazy.

So there you are, my tips for the perfect hygge experience. I hope you find some time to give yourself some time. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,


Bec. x