I am thrilled to be hosting a guest blog by my friend for almost a decade, who is about to embark on the baby journey. I recall this panic, do you? What a mixture of emotions. How did you know when the time is right? More to the point, is there ever a right time?


Spring is almost in the air and the daffodils are in the supermarkets ready to brighten up the dullest of window sills!
Along with bulbs sprouting and buds blooming comes the excitement of chicks, lambs, bunnies and babies!

My husband and I had decided about 6 months ago that we would think about starting a family in February. To be honest, it always seemed ages away and I was quite content with that! We’ve always had milestones which made it seem much more further away, holidays, birthdays, Christmas, new year etc. It never occurred to me that February would come round quite so soon despite planning for it!

Having said all of that, I came off my contraceptives to give my body a break and I took it upon myself to order all the necessary supplements for us both to ‘help things along’ and ensure that we were at our best. I started taking folic acid as I had been advised by my mummy friends on the 1st of January, I even felt proud of myself as I popped it in and drank some water.

Now fast forward to nearly the end of January… Cue a drunken night of excitement and unprotected sex and as he exclaimed ‘what difference would a few days before February make?’
In the moment, he was quite right! However, now I am in full panic mode! Is now the right time? What sort of parents will we be? Is the house big enough? What about my career that I’ve worked so hard for? What if I can’t conceive? How can something that big squeeze out?

The other thing, possibly the one panicking me most is, ‘I haven’t done everything I wanted to yet!’
In my head and after watching my strong willed cousin forever say ‘my twenties are for me and I will have children in my thirties,’ I had always taken the same stance! She was one of my biggest role models, strong, confident and independent. Yet here I was, just shy of thirty, wondering if I was still too young for that kind of responsibility, debating whether I had seen enough of the world yet and whether I had enough exciting stories to tell them at bed time!

Anyway, during the morning after the night before, I battled a headache and decided to broach the ‘are we really ready question?’ with my other half.
Turns out he is completely relaxed and ready. We had always joked about boys and girls names (we have three to be exact!) but suddenly it was becoming a reality. Even the guys at work have been giving him tips for raising children and telling him when I will be most fertile- I think he knows better than me! I on the other hand want to read a million books and in an ideal world get ready for an appearance on mastermind so that I am completely clued up!

The truth is, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, but is anyone? The more updates I see on Facebook of expectant friends, the more I think if they can do it, we can! Not only that, but look at those cute baby grows.

After giving myself a stern talking to, I have a new perspective.
If I am lucky enough to have some ‘positive news’ then…

I will grasp it with both hands!

I will learn on the job!

I will see the world but together, as a family!

I will consult one of my much loved mummy friends for advice if needed.

And if all else fails….

I will google it!

One thing is for certain, I am loving this new chapter in our lives together and heck, at least it’s exciting trying 😉

Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you again x