Parenting is a challenge at times. There are moments of feeling that you are on top of things and then, BOOM! Out of seemingly nowhere, your child can start displaying behaviour that leaves you questioning your abilities as a parent. Often it is just a phase, but it can also be so many other things too. The possibilities can leave you feeling inept and knowing how to handle things can be a minefield. Conflicting helpful advice from people around you that care can become the exact opposite of helpful. If only we all had someone in the know to give us tips, strategies and explanations to help! Well now we do!



As you know I am passionate in helping others with their mental wellbeing. I was lucky enough to be asked to review This is a fantastic website that has the expertise of Dr Don Tustin, a clinical psychologist that has worked over 40 years with countless families on a whole manner of problems.


The website says ‘WeParent is your guide to the mid-childhood years, the most important years of your child’s development. Whether you’re facing a particular problem, or looking to get ahead on your child’s development, our team of psychologist share their expertise through fun, interactive and tailored strategies you can apply at home’. Here is their link so that you can see for yourself. 


The support covers a vast range of areas for parents of children predominantly aged 4-8 years. There are five main categories including emotions, friendships and social skills, Independence, sibling rivalry and a positive sense of self. Under each category there are facts for parents, questionnaires to establish where you child fits within that category and then strategies and tips to help them develop each area.


As an NLP coach I am really impressed with the breadth of the website and I can see that the tools would be really beneficial. I shall certainly be using them with my children, and with the children I work with. I already have strategies that I have not come across in my training that I am excited to try with the children I work with in a pastoral role.


I can offer 12 months, free memberships to ten lucky readers, worth £60 each. All you need to do is to like and follow my page and comment below as to why this would be useful for your child and you as a parent. The competition will end at midnight GMT on Sunday 15th April and I shall choose the ten lucky winners at random. Winners will be notified directly on Tuesday 17th April and a list of all lucky winners will be published on that day. Good luck everyone!



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Good luck everyone!!


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